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How Often Do You Clean And Unclog Your Face From Dirt And Oil?

How Often Do You Clean And Unclog Your Face From
Dirt & Oil?

Guilty or Not Guilty? Be Honest!
Do you Buy body care product because it is expensive?
Do you buy body care products because the beautiful lady on the pack looks stunning?
Do you buy cream in fancy bottles?
Do you check out every single shop seeking for Secret Beauty Treatments Celebs use?
And would pay overpriced fee just visit spa shop celebs visit?
Ok read this blog- You may be hurting your skin!!

Wait before we proceed, how often do you give your face a deep wash?  Most people will say very often, most will say every day and some morning and before bed. The bitter truth is not every clean get’s the face clean and healthy!

Imagine where you are unaware of the PH balance of your face and have no inclination of the sensitivity of your skin due to lack of information. Not every one of us has paid a visit to the dermatologist to ascertain the nature of their skin most people will assume so only when they are sensitive to certain body creams or some fancy soap bought from a fancy store online or around the corner. 

I will like to ask you a few questions to help you get a clearer picture. Most people are guilty of this.

1- Do you buy body oil or lotion because some beautiful faired skin girls picture is used to promote the cream/or oil?

2- Do you think because almost everyone gave a good review of the product makes it perfect for your skin?

3- Do you think because the products are expensive, it makes it a very good product? 

4- Do you believe your skin could get better with more expensive body care products 

5- Have you ever did a skin grafting or skin PH check before, and do you even know what that means?

6- Do you know what food and products contain Alkaline and the uses on our daily lifestyle?

7- Do you buy fancy looking products more than average simple packs?

8- When did you unclog those pore and how did you achieve that?

9- Do you know why you sweat a lot?

10- Have you tried talking to friend who seem to know just about every topic concerning beauty care and ended up being tutored on ” TIME WASTING LECTURES OF SOME USELESS PRODUCTS”?

11- OK but sincerely would you like to learn better ways to care for your skin?

You have probably seen or read about numerous posts concerning simple or tedious beauty regime but nothing beats what I am about to tell you. In fact, during my trying days, I was tempted to sell my ideas to some high-class beauty line companies but that would hurt my conscience since my vision is to sell my products to everyone irrespective of class etc for a reasonably cheap price. I am not rich nor living in abject poverty but if wisdom and knowledge is wealth then I am definitely wealthy with the knowledge of reliable and tested information. 

How Do I Verify My Product?

Very simple I get to carry out quality of each product on my own skin and some selected problematic skins to verify the performance of my body care products and still thirsting. So far I have not noticed any irritation on my skin or anyone using my skin care lines. 

I even made my own Water-Spray based natural deodorant which lasted for 3 days yes; that’s right 4 days and that’s 96 long hours long lasting armpit spray. I stayed at home and didn’t shower my armpit for 4 days while I perform my house shores. I did not perceive a single body odor!! They say people don’t usually perceive their own odor, I know that theory but not when you have a sensitive nose like mine. However, I made sure I asked my friends if they did perceive any odor. No one noticed. I am now overjoyed to announce to you that natural safer products exist!!

Unique product guaranteed to change your opinion.

According to the questions, I asked you should by now get the full picture of what I am trying to explain. Know-Your-SkinCare-Products KYSCP. Don’t just buy creams because they look alluring in a cute pack or bottle buy a cream because you know what your skin needs and why. Why?

Types of Skin

  1. Normal skin. ‘Normal’ is a term for a well-balanced skin.  
  2. Dry skin. ‘Dry’ here describs a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin. 
  3. Oily skin.
  4. Combination skin.
  5. Sebum and sweat production

Sebaceous glands are microscopic organs in the skin that secrete an oily substance called sebum that lubricates and waterproofs the skin. The sebaceous glands are part of the integumentary system, which includes the skin, hair, nails, and other structures that help protect the body from environmental or physical damage. The glands are part of the pilosebaceous unit, which comprises the hair follicle, hair shaft, and erector pili muscles (responsible for goosebumps).

What They Do 

Sebaceous glands work in tandem with the sweat-producing eccrine glands to regulate body temperature. In hot conditions, the excreted sebum mixes with sweat to slow the rate of evaporation. In cold temperatures, the sebum will contain more lipids to shield the hair and skin from moisture that can facilitate heat loss.

In addition to maintaining moisture and regulating temperatures, sebum contains squalene and other substances that prevent bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms from causing infection.

Gland Development Learn More From 

Now that you have learned a little about the skin glands perhaps this whole post will make sense. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of using the wrong product for your skin type.  It’s important to understand this your skin is a living, breathing organ. [source: U.S. News]. Like other organs in your body, if a wrong product is applied your skin’s functions can be disturbed, causing irregularities to its normal biological behavior. Thus, breakout, rash or even feverish conditions can ensue.

While You Sleep Your Skin Works Even Harder.

When you lay in bed, your skin works harder than it does during the day to rejuvenate itself. To support your skin just drink plenty of water during the day and do a few min exercises too or just before bedtime swinging your legs on your bed and a little arm workout isn’t such bad idea, I do it all the time.

Natural Products 100% Guaranteed Safe For Most Skin Types.

Now natural products can be used to cure heavy body odor or even private part odor which I am working on right now but for that, I will need volunteers who have that problem. By the way my armpit product is safer for children from 9 yrs old. 

Back to the facial cleansing and unclogging of pores product ( I call Anti-Clockwise Solution) is a 100% natural facial & body wash spray, using an anti-clockwise process to get the desired result. 

Example: Try my Creamy-Facial-Wash with Leave-In Conditioning Mist. Made with common natural active ingredients. Guess what you have yourself a surprise!!. Yes once the products are launched you will get freebies for very first 100 sales made.

I look forward to sharing more cool tips to help you get that radiant looking  and healthy skin.



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