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My long term goal is to establish a traditional nature derived beauty practices using authentic ingredients to produce authentic premium products includinng our services.

Sylspritzs is hands-down the best collection of affordable home-made body care products you’ll find out there. We researched, tried and also, searched high and low for the best home-made beauty recipes Sylva.I. Clinton is the founder and creative director at the Sylspritzs Natural Body Care & Elegant Clothes. 

About Sylspritz CEO

Seriously, I am amazed at how much the product has changed my life!. I wish I started this a long time ago.! And what bothers me, even more, is that  I was completely unrealistic in the past, I was afraid that running a business will tie me down, and also I was reluctant to share my challenges with family, people around me and friends.

Our natural Body & Skin Care Products are made using natural herbs and essential oil with healthy and safe herbs suitable for all skin types. In addition, Sylspritzs includes but not limited to free health tips and general well being. 

The truth is, no matter how good or great your work is, if you don’t share or introduce it to the world it no one will know you exist and it can’t “speak for itself” if no one’s listening.



I realized that only the shameless and aggressive marketers are the ones on top of the chart, while gentle-slow-and-steady marketers are at the bottom of the chart, it is annoying and intriguing, I know, right?. Also, people with no idea of what they were doing are getting recognized while the truly talented people were passed over isn’t that annoying? 

What I Do On The Side ?

Apart from Blogging, Skincare Products I also make own clothing, from new and thrift clothes bought from reliable clients. Our Clothing-line is made to suit all body shape, color, and sizes. Our clothes consist of Africa, English, Arabian, Asian and European Styles and a mixture of both cultures.  Special emphasis is placed on breathable materials, such as cotton and soft chiffon.

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Body & skin care products with mild sweet range of herbal hydrating essential oils & a combination of 100% organic ingredients.

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