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Trending Natural Armpit Spray And How To Avoid Smelling Bad

You Don’t Have To Smell Like Egyptian Mummy To Feel Good About Your Self!!!

When it comes to personal hygiene, smelling bad is one of our worst fears especially amongst women and teenagers. Obviously, no one would like to smell like a rotten egg, yuck!. There are several deodorants and body sprays in the shops, malls, and open markets some promised to keep you up to 48hrs dry and fresh but fail to do just that others keep their promise but not without a price, as in, their products is not at all safe.

Common Deodorant Mistakes

This simply means using or mix-spraying anything and everything that might make you smell like an Egyptian Mummy. As for me, I’ve got a different take on it, the worst deodorant mistakes are the ones most brands make using harmful materials to thus; making consumers unhealthy. There are risks involved in this type of deodorants such as interference with the PH balance and clogging pores, which in turns might lead to build-up, and possibly putting the user at risk for health problems. What’s more, once you stop using it you smell even worse.

Have You Tried Our Products?

These tried-and-true skin-care products from brands Syslpritzs will make you wish for more. The soft, mild yet long lasting 100% all natural ingredients used such as essential oil, and other mild ingredients used in our skin care products are soothing, hydrating and long-lasting. Although they are mild they smell great too. There are 5 types of armpit spray available now.

Available Products

Armpit Deodorant Spray:

  1. Milky Deodorant Spray- Adult
  2. Mist Deodorant Spray- Adult
  3. Mild Hydrating Spray- For Children Age 9-13Yrs
  4. Cool Mist Hydrating Spray- For Teens 14-18 Yrs
  5. Unscented Mist Spray- Adult

 Body / Armpit Spray helps to keep odor-causing bacterias away. Specially made for those who are seeking for unscented armpit sprays.

More Products In Store

Include African Super Black Soap and Body Milk Hydrating Mist Spray

Start your day with our line of body and skin care protection contact us for more information

Coming Soon!!

Skin care products for adults and children with problematic skins.

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