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What Is Your Opinion On Homemade Organic Skincare Products, Have You Tried Any?

At first, I thought that organic skin care products were just another gimmick; however, after researching skin care products, and the harmful ingredients used in beauty soap and cream making, and the organic industry as well— I decided to start up my own homemade organic skincare products. It has become clear to me that organic products are far from a waste of money, far better, life-saving and also skin-friendly.

There are several reasons why people switch to organic products:

  1. To avoid potentially harmful ingredients that can be absorbed by the skin.
  2. The belief that pure organic ingredients are gentle and more effective than non-organic products.
  3. To save more
  4. Harmful chemicals are the biggest issue in Beauty Products. If you put a chemical on the skin, your skin absorbs those toxins. Many of the chemicals used in these products have never been tested.
  5. They can cause Skin and health problems.
  6. These chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reaction on your skin.
  7. Most of the chemical products contain paraben that’s harmful to our skin. (Paraben can Cause Cancer). Moreover, there are some other chemicals too,
  8. Parabens is not good for an internal layer of our skin. These products can give short term good results only.

Why Try Our Organic Products?

Sylspritzs Just For Your Products
Sylspritzs Just For Your Products

Good question- answer to this question is very straight to the point. Organic skin care products are extremely potent because they’re in their purest form. Since our skin absorbs 60 percent of everything we apply, using products infused with chemicals can cause permanent damage to our skin and health. Organic skin care products contain absolutely no chemicals or parabens thereby proving to be pure and safe for the health of your skin. To switch to an all organic beauty regime

There can be no dispute about the first point. Over 60% of the chemicals that we use on our skin are eventually absorbed into the blood stream. Ingredients like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEG compounds, petrochemicals, mineral oils, ethoxylated ingredients, and many others have been linked (by many scientific studies) to various kinds of cancers and illnesses—so why apply these chemicals to your skin? They even use propylene glycol as a preservative (you know, the same gross stuff that’s used in e-cigarettes). In fact, many harsh chemicals used in skin care products can actually cause skin irritations, break outs, and dry skin (which defeats the purpose of skin care to begin with!).

As for the second reason people use organic skin care products, the effectiveness of an organic skincare product really depends on the skincare brand, ingredients, and the product itself. Not all organic products are created equal. Just because a company says that a product is “organic” doesn’t mean that it contains high quality, purely organic ingredients. As the organic craze picks up steam, more and more companies are trying to capitalize on it by making low-quality products which contain almost no organic ingredients and STILL use potentially toxic ingredients.

Avoid this by looking for companies and products that are Certified Organic by a reputable organization (like the USDA, ACO, OFC, Ecocert, homemade products, other notable organic products etc.), contain a high percentage of organic ingredients, and avoid all of the potentially toxic chemicals that I mentioned above. Also, check out homemade organic products they are truly organic.

With all that said, I can say personally that organic skin care products have transformed my skin for the better. I’ve tried a number of my homemade products and I’ve always been surprised at their effectiveness. All while never having to potentially sacrifice my health to achieve great results.

Most Interestingly Friends And Family Now Buy My Products.

What’s a DIY organic recipe for a spotless face?

Ok time for free tips as usual!

The important thing is that Sylspritzs ingredients are effective and safe. I hope you would agree. I make this mask for my daughter. She has oily skin but it’s tiny rash and dry skin- visible if you take time to look closer. I alternate my treatment on her, since she is still very young and not yet a teen, I use mild yet highly effective scrub on her face and body. Next, I spray her with my hibiscus & red misty spray- (nonstaining) because bentonite clay can be a little aggressive on kids and even adults, however, you may try using but kaolin clay, is much less so.

Note-before you start please cleanse your face properly with warm water


  1. 1 table spoon of Kaolin clay or Bentonite or French green clay (of you are notsensitie to Bentonite clay)
  2. 1 tablespoon of 100% pure natural Honey
  3. 1 tablespoon of Sweet Almond oil, I use Saffron oil (you can substitute this for another oil or if your skin doesn’t like oils you can use water instead)
  4. Mix them all in a little dish and apply to a clean face. Leave for upto half an hour and rinse off. Finish with a dab of rosewater- enjoy your fresh new look!
  5. You can also add a teaspoon of activated charcoal to this mask for extra cleansing power.
  6. The kaolin version is gentle enough to use daily if you want. However the bentonite should be used only once or twice a week if you insist on using Bentonite clay/powder.
  7. Don’t store this mask for longer than 24 hours. If you do store it make certain that it’s covered and in the fridge.
  8. Lastly, some clays like bentonite react with metal so use wooden or plastic spoons. Make this your rule with all clays then you will never forget.

More tips

  1. Tomato and Licorice- Licorice is an excellent skin cleanser and brightener. It also helps to firm up the sagging skin. Take 1 tablespoon of licorice powder and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice. Mix well and wash it off after 15 mins of application or when it feels dry.
  2. Egg and rice flour- Break 1 egg in a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of rice flour to it. (a tablespoon of honey can go as well). Mix to form a lump-free paste and wash it off after 20 mins of application or when it feels dry.
  3. Papaya or Banana mask- Mash a few pieces of either (or both) of these fruits and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Let it sit onto your face for a good 30 mins and then wash off.
  4. Oatmeal and milk- Yes it makes a good breakfast idea but next time don’t forget to apply some of these on your face too.
  5. Preferable to grind oatmeal and take its powder. Around 1 tablespoon should be good. Add 2 teaspoons of raw milk (any milk should do – almond/coconut) and a teaspoon of honey. Apply in a circular light scrubbing motion for around 5 mins to remove the dead cells. Let it sit for another 10 mins and then was off.

This great formula will give you the desired result.

**Remember to use cold water on your face while rinsing.

Always prefer the products which contain natural ingredients over chemicals. Sylspritzs organic products are crafted using a blend of hand-selected ingredients. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals when you order our products.

Bloom Deep Nourishing Body Cream
Bloom Deep Nourishing Body Cream (Body Detox)-
Disclaimer- Please bear in mind that photo may be slightly different from actual item in terms of color, container- however, all ingredients and quality remain the same.

Have you tried any yet? tell us what you think. Are you planning on switching to organic products? Get in touch

We are happy to share our cool tips with you and hope to see you back soon- keep in touch, you never know.

Till then…

Sylspritzs ! Organics.

All the best!.