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Organic Detox Tips And How To Maintain A Healthy Looking Skin

Get The Desired Healthy Glowing Skin & General Wellbeing

Detoxification is the process of removing harmful horrible toxins from the body. Sylspritzs recommends the following detox tips just for you.

 Home cooking can help you get the desired weight, skin and health you’ve always dreamed of.


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What You Can Eat, Do And Avoid

Healthy Food

Ever gone on a detox diet before? Are you planning on doing it any time soon? Still thinking about it? You should know this first. Although detox dieting depends on the particular detox diet you’re following or about to. Nowadays there are too many of them on the internet, some of them come with interesting packages and with lots of cool tips for you. Some detox involves fasting, drinking liquids while others advice on just taking plain foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Be mindful, you’ll be hungry and may feel weak. Whether or not a detox diet is safe depends on the plan and how long you stay on it.

Not everyone will feel good on low-calorie or poor diets. Potential side effects include low energy, low blood sugar, fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness or lightheaded, and nausea.

Exercise is not necessary at this time because you may not have the energy for since you are not getting enough calories.

1- Rest And Sleep In Important For Your Health

You must never take your “me time ” for granted resting is necessary because it helps your body to regain and regenerate. Lack of it can be fatal. Take a day off to rest or rest intermittently, whatever you do you must rest.

Sleep is good for your health and skin
Sleep is good for your health and skin

When you rest or sleep your body goes to work, it begins the repair of muscle, organs, and other cells. Good chemicals that strengthen your immune system start to circulate in your blood and your physical and mental processes are carried out, no wonder its called “beauty sleep”. Regular, good quality sleep is important for brain functioning, emotional well-being, physical health, daytime activities, and safety. Research suggests that adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to be healthy.

2- Drink Clean Water At Least Eight Glass Of 7-8 Per Glasses Per Day

We are going to start with the most important detox which is water, that’s right water is highly necessary to replenish and hydrate our system.

Drink More Water and less coffee, occasionally throw in a slice of lemon or kiwi to get that detox going and eliminate​ toxins.
Drink More Water and less coffee, occasionally throw in a slice of lemon or kiwi to get that detox going and eliminate​ toxins. Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Wait, be careful what water you drink, make sure it’s clean, clear and drinkable and does not contain harmful chlorine or lead! When scientists recognized that adding a small amount of chlorine to drinking water could potentially kill bacteria as well as microbes in the public water system and help slow or even stop the spread of these most harmful water-borne diseases, the idea of adding chlorine to water supplies became popular quickly. Sure, the pipes can be very dirty, and chlorine in the water helps to keep the liquid clean as it goes on its way into homes and offices. Chlorine is also used in the treatment of water that has been shown to contain unsafe levels of a particular strain of bacteria or other dangerous constituents.

But I still have my doubts as to the effects of chlorine in our system any scientists out there care to join me on this?


If you accidentally swallow chlorine, drink milk or water immediately, unless you experience vomiting or convulsions. If you inhale chlorine, seek fresh air as soon as possible. Going to the highest possible ground to seek fresh air is helpful because chlorine is heavier than air.

Water Is Life!

Drink more water. Of course, do not need to be told to drink water, our system does remind us to do it anyways. Our body is made up of 70 percent water and every adult needs around six to eight glasses of water a day in order to stay hydrated and to help to flush out unneeded toxins. Moreso, there are plenty of reasons to drink water since we need to get rid of what we eat through stool, urine, and sweat glands, and these losses must be replaced daily for good health. In addition to that If you have the bad habit of drinking too little water every day, you may be at higher risk for kidney disease and other disease associated with loss of fluid. So drink up! Add a squeeze of kiwi, cucumber or lemon to add an extra cleansing boost. 

3- Eat Organic Food To Maintain Your Skin and Overall Health

Eat Healthy Food
Eat Healthy Food

Eat organic food to minimize your intake of toxic and pesticides found in Genetically Modified Food (GMO) foods. Organic food provides pure nutrients so your liver can cleanse itself and get rid of harmful toxins. Organic food contains higher amounts of nutrients and quality which also help boost the cleansing effects of the body. 

4- Cook Your Own Food Don’t Forget To Get Non-GMO’s

Eat Organic Salads and Veggies Avoid Chemically Processed Foods
Eat Organic Salads and Veggies Avoid Chemically Processed Foods

Avoid overeating processed foods eat only organic fresh food if you can manage whilst also eating less red meat, dairy, fried food, and sugary foods.

5- What is Organic?

Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. So, eat lots of vegetables, beans and detox drink.

6- Eat Fiber As Much As Possible

Eat plenty of fiber as much as possible. Consuming cereals, wheat, brown bread, wholemeal pasta, fresh fruit, and vegetables help the digestive system to function better and provide the much-needed stamina and energy needed to carry out daily activities. What’s more, fiber will help keep your in excellent health and as part of a healthy diet that will aid weight loss. Can be used to cleans the body in its most natural form. 

Fiber Is Healthy, Eat More Of It
Fiber Is Healthy, Eat More Of It

7- Reduce Caffeine Intake 

Coffee Is Good But Drink More Water!
Coffee Is Good But Drink More Water!. Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Caffeine intake overtime will bring back the wrinkles and tired look if taken in excess. Drink less of caffeinated drinks as these can all dehydrate the body and a dehydrated body will shrivel in the wrong places. Take more of green tea, it will provide you with the most important antioxidants that the body needs, in the most natural way.  

8- Avoid The Following- Alcohol, Tobacco and Processed Foods  

Stop Consuming Alcohol It Won't Do You Any Good Other Than To Make You Act Abnormally
Stop Consuming Alcohol It Won’t Do You Any Good Other Than To Get You Into Trouble. Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
Quit Smoking. Smoking Can Kill You!
Smoking Can Kill You!. Photo by Basil MK on Pexels.com

Smoking and drinking are two lifestyle habits that get a lot of negative criticism in the health industry, and for a good reason too. Over time these can turn into toxins that the body can’t process because they both cause multiple complications with the body that can range from mild to life-threatening. It’s best you forget the two habits i.e if you wish to maintain quality health.

9- Exercise As Often As Necessary 

Exercise Is Good For Your Oversell Health And Skin
Exercise Is Good For Your Oversell Health And Skin. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Experts often emphasize the need exercise daily. Exercise is good for improved circulation frankly I don’t see why not since sweating is a means your body discharges toxins, so get that heart racing! Exercise promotes detoxification and boosts your body’s systems. As you exercise, the blood circulates; providing good nutrients to organs and muscles, the end result is a beautiful you!. 

10- Make Your Own Smoothies and Juices 

Drinking Smoothies Is Good For You
Drinking Smoothies Is Good For You. Photo by Ceyhun u00d6zden on Pexels.com

Nuts, green veggies, and fruits are delicious in smoothies and juices. Drinking healthy smoothies will help you to consume more alkalizing minerals which will help detoxify your body. Smoothies or juice are an excellent way to get those superfoods into your diet. 

When necessary visit a spa & massage shop. It would do you a world of good if you get those senses and rejuvenate. A spa and massage can peel away all aches and pain you have habored for many years all in one go. Get going!

11- Ditch Toxic SkinCare Products

Learn More Of What You Apply On Your Precious Skin
Learn More Of What You Apply On Your Precious Skin. Photo by Moose Photos on Pexels.com

Use organic product and avoid products with too many unknown ingredients. Get familiar with common unhealthy ingredients used in creams claiming to be organic products. Many of these synthetic chemicals are skin irritants, skin penetrators, endocrine disrupters and are carcinogenic. I can’t go through all of these harmful chemicals, but here is a few information for your purview.

Parabens. Parabens are widely used preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast in cosmetic products. Sounds good, right? Not so fast, they do more than that. Parabens possess estrogen-mimicking properties that are associated with increased risk of breast cancer. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin and have been identified in biopsy samples from breast tumors. They can be found in makeup, body washes, deodorants, shampoos and facial cleansers. You can also find them in food and pharmaceutical products.


12- Avoid Foods or Cosmectics That Are Diabetes and Cancer Prone

Get plenty of information on what you consume and apply on your precious skin. Read the labels and do a research on what you didn’t understand on the labels such as food preservatives:

  • Benzoates (such as sodium benzoate)
  • Nitrites (such as sodium nitrite)
  • Sulphites (such as sulphur dioxide)

All of these chemicals either inhibit the activity of bacteria or kill the bacteria. Keep a close eye on your food and skincare products also don’t fail to eat your lentils and veggies they are really healthy food you should consider eating more often than junk foods.

I suppose you have made up your mind to take these cool tips to heart, it will surely help you stay healthy, focused when you (sleep & rest), and help you to follow basic steps in healthy lifestyle.

Well, we have come to the end of the article and hope you learned a lot from it. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.

All the best.

P.S Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, See you next year which happens to be tomorrow 1st January 2019.